My mission is simple:

to provide personalized, upscale photography that captures beauty in all its forms.

Before you share your story...

Let me tell you mine.

I was born in Venezuela, raised in Los Angeles, California, and have always been a multi-passionate person with a love for photography. My father purchased my first camera when I was in my prime early teens. I have been fascinated by photography since that day and, since then, have had a camera in my possession.

I grew up conforming to the idea that photography was not viable, so I opted to pursue a career in counseling and disability advocacy. On the outside, looking in, I was thriving as I was publicly speaking, authoring books, and becoming an expert in the field. During that time, though, I could not shake the dreaded feeling that there was more to life, and I had a deep seated desire to be creatively fulfilled. In search of this fulfillment, I job-hopped, working on part-time photography projects, education, and counseling. At one point, I worked three jobs. I watched my peers establish themselves in stable careers while I would stay up late at night, wondering why I couldn't do it all.

I had so many interests and passions of seemingly unconnected things: psychology, social-sexual education, healthy relationships, disability justice, writing, travel, and women's empowerment, to name a few.

I started my photography business because I'm a lover of all things beautiful and have always been drawn to the art of capturing moments and memories and the human experience. I love what I do: offering human-centered photography services worldwide.

My personalized photography experience makes my clients feel at ease and confident during their photography sessions. My relaxed and personal approach allows me to highlight posed and candid moments, which will help create lasting memories for you and your loved ones for years to come. I affirm all identities, abilities, and gender, and most importantly, everyone is welcome here.

Captured by @CoupleCups in Hawaii

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