About Rachel

I was born in Venezuela, raised in Los Angeles, California, and have always been a multi-passionate person with a love for photography. My father purchased my first camera when I was in my early teens. I have been fascinated by photography since that day and, since then, have had a camera by my side throughout the years.

When I am not behind the lens, I am publicly speaking, teaching at a university, authoring books, and becoming an expert in the field of Disability. And while I love the work that I do, I also I have a deep-seated desire to be creatively fulfilled.

I started my photography business because I love all things beautiful; I love nature, art, luxurious experiences, and people, incorporating that into my photographic style and imagery.

I am passionate about working with people and capturing them and their beauty in authentic ways.

I am often told that I make my clients feel at ease and confident during their photography experience. I affirm all identities, abilities, and gender, and most importantly, everyone is welcome here.

Fun facts about me:

  • I am a USMC Spouse currently based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  • Rottweilers are my favorite dog breed
  • Fantasy romance books are my inspiration for creating much of the art I create with the couples I work with
  • I used to be an avid Salsa dancer performing in San Diego- while I can't say I was the best, I genuinely enjoyed being on stage
  • I travel to at least one new country a year so my passport is always in hand

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My husband and I in Hawaii

Travel is Life

With a passport in hand, I often travel internationally, splitting time between isolated natural landscapes, deep sea fishing, or capturing couples in cityscapes, I love it all. If you want photos anywhere in the world I am always ready to pack my bag.

2024 Travel TBD...

2023 Travel Destinations

Miami, Florida

Los Angeles, California

Dolomites, Italy

Lake Garda, Italy

Venice, Italy

Medellin Colombia

Asheville, North Carolina

San Diego, California

La Libertad El Salvador

Past International Travel











Past United States Travel

Los Angeles, California

San Diego, California

Malibu, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Manhattan, New York

Wilmington, Delaware

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Big Island Hawaii

Sitka, Alaska

Miami, Florida

Dover, Delaware

Pheonix, Arizona

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