Your Elopement, Your Story, Your Day

Are you overwhelmed by the options for planning a traditional wedding? Do you find yourself seeking something unique and different? Is eloping something you've been dreaming of, and yet you are not sure where to start?

I hear you. I've been there. Traditional weddings are stressful, overwhelming, and often not a reflection of the couple getting married. My husband and I had a traditional wedding and wished we had eloped.

Since then, I have made it my mission to provide personalized adventure elopement photography worldwide. I listen to your needs in wants and support you in capturing your love your way. There are no expectations of what an elopement has to be, and I am there to capture it all.

All Adventure Elopement Sessions Include:

Personalized Online Gallery

Individually Edited Photos

High-Resolution Digital Files

Travel Costs

The Steps for Planning Your Elopement

Step 1: Select your location

Consider how you want to feel on your day when picking a location. Do you want a leisurely tropical experience? Do you want something a bit more upscale and elaborate(helicopter rides, yacht ride? If you already have an idea of where to elope, fantastic. If you haven't decided on your dream destination, inquire with me, and I can walk you through some options.

Step 2: Pick Your date

When picking your elopement date, consider your location and what would be the best time of year to represent your love story. Are you someone that likes warmer weather? Do you prefer something a bit cooler? You want to pick something that makes you comfortable and what is best for you. A tip for international destinations is to avoid peak tourist season, which grants you more intimate photography opportunities.

Step 3: Get to planning.

It's time for the fun part—the planning. I'll walk you through this part and provide you with vendor recommendations, including flowers, makeup, and hair. Including a customized timeline for your day.

STEP 4: Elope

Now, for the best part- eloping! Remember, this day is all about you and your loved one. I'll be with you throughout the day, seeing new sights and experiencing new things, all while capturing your unique love story.

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